How Your Business Can Benefit From Stainless Steel Fabrication

Many engineers and designers reject the idea of using stainless steel for projects because of its cost. Yes, we’re not denying that stainless steel does have a higher cost than other metals, but its long-term advantages offer the best value for your financial investment over many years. We believe that the advantages of stainless steel fabrication far outweigh the disadvantages. So, let’s look at the benefits to help you make an informed decision about stainless steel fabrication for your project.

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Resistant to corrosion

Stainless steel will maintain its glossy, shiny finish for a long time as it is corrosion-resistant. Why? The chromium content in the stainless-steel resists corrosion, increasing its overall value for years to come.

Ease of fabrication

As long as the fabricator is using high-quality equipment and modern technologies, it’s easy to carry out any process using stainless steel – from cutting to welding. It only becomes a problem if outdated equipment is being used, so do make sure that you find the right team that is confident with handling stainless steel welds.

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Fire and heat resistant

By surviving well even at extreme temperatures – some grades also maintain significant strength – stainless steel is resistant to heat and fire, making it perfect, again, for that long-term business investment.

The high chromium and nickel alloy grades mean that stainless steel can be used in heat exchangers and valves for your business.

Highly durable

Stainless steel is rather magical if we do say so ourselves. It has a special and unique ability to heal itself over a period of time, making it extremely durable. How? Chromium in stainless steel allows the formulation of chromium oxide which is invisible to the naked human eye. This layer is activated with oxygen when some damage occurs, therefore triggering its healing properties.

Perfect for hygienic products

Stainless steel is so easy to keep clean, making it an excellent option for applications that need to meet extremely high standards for sanitary conditions like pharmaceutical research, commercial kitchens, and more.
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Value over the long-term

Remember to consider the lifecycle of the material you want before you make that final decision. The reason? Stainless steel has a design life expectancy of over 50 years!

An added bonus: stainless steel is maintenance-free, making it a great hassle-free and stress-free product after your initial investment.

100% recyclable material

Stainless steel is kind to the planet as it is widely recycled with more than 50% coming from other melted stainless steel scraps, meaning it helps to reduce waste and is a popular choice for businesses that want to lower their carbon footprint.

Why not leave stainless steel fabrication to the experts? Here at Sheetmetal Improvements & Design, we offer a range of sheet metal and steel fabrication services and products for you to choose from. Feel free to contact our professional stainless steel fabricators on the Gold Coast by calling (07) 5593 4183, or, alternatively, send us an email at for a free quote and specialist designs.

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